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At Alpizar Law, LLC, we are committed to giving back to the community. "When I moved to Brevard County 40 years ago, I knew this place was special," says founding attorney, O. John Alpizar. We regularly engage in community outreach activities and make charitable contributions to support those in need. Read about some of the work we do to help make Brevard County a better place for everyone:

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - August 2014

John Alpizar accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, an event which is intended to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, a debilitating disease which afflicts tens of thousands of Americans. Watch the video below to see John take the challenge and pass it on to several of his friends:

2013 Alpizar Law, LLC Turkey Giveaway

2013 Alpizar Law, LLC Turkey Giveaway

Hundreds of families lined up starting as early as 6:30am to receive their free Thanks-giving turkey. We had free cold bottled water available for everyone, hot dogs, cotton candy, 2 balloon twisters to entertain, as well as the Heritage HS Varsity Cheer Squad! Local radio personality, Timmy Vee, from 107.1 WA1A came out to support the event and held a live radio broadcast during the event.

Just before noon, the line started to grow and everyone became filled with anticipation as members of the Alpizar Law, LLC family went down the line greeting every-one that showed up sharing stories with so many member of the community. The sun was shining beautiful and bright. So many children's faces lit up as we handed out candy and balloon twisters began twisting fun animals. Music filled the air, and the Heritage High School cheerleaders moved the crowd with their energy. Despite the heat, the event was truly turning into a special day for every-one involved.

The first turkey was given away at 1:30pm to Cleomi Woods. Her efforts to get up early and be the first in line paid off! She received the first of the 500, thirteen-pound turkeys. Every-one was so appreciative for their turkey; it was re-ally heartwarming and humbling to be a part of this incredible act of kind-ness.

2013 Alpizar Law, LLC Turkey Giveaway

Just before the first turkey was given away, one of the community members in line began feeling disoriented, and had to be taken for medical observation, risking losing her place in line and missing out on the giveaway. To help make her holiday, Alpizar Law, LLC was able to track her down and decided to give her an en-tire thanksgiving dinner several days after the event. The dinner was complete with a turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We are happy to hear she has recovered and is doing just fine, and were overjoyed that she was able to be a part of the day.

For hours the cheerleaders cheered, the balloon twisters twisted, and everyone had a wonderful day with the Alpizar Law, LLC family. We all had a great time from beginning to end. There were so many people and everyone was in the festive spirit of giving during the time of year when giving means the most.

2013 Alpizar Law, LLC Turkey Giveaway

Leading up to this special day, Alpizar Law was hopeful that all of our efforts to spread the word would not reach deaf ears, but instead that we would have enough interest to ensure people showed up for the giveaway. In the end, all 500 turkeys were given away by Alpizar Law, along with 100 Publix gift certificates, thanks to the generosity of fellow Brevard community members, Jim & Jacie Stivers and Tony Diana with G.M.R.S. Inc. (

Each person in line was also entered to win a 39" flat screen TV. After everyone received their turkeys and gift certificates, the joy of the day continued at Alpizar Law with the drawing of the raffle. The lucky winner was Yasmine Louis from Palm Bay, Florida. After receiving a call and expressing her emotion through constant screams of joy, Ms. Louis wasted no time in returning to the office to receive her prize. We are all so happy for Yasmine and hope the Thanksgiving Day Parade was a great show on their new flat screen TV!

2013 Alpizar Law, LLC Turkey Giveaway

This was a special event and would not have been a success without all the wonderful staff at Alpizar Law, the volunteers who spent the day at the office helping pass out water, give out candy, bag up the turkeys and our community supporters who helped spread the word. Alpizar Law was thrilled to have spent the day with so many people. We were truly blessed with the opportunity to help so many people this year and were humbled by the response to genuine thanks and gratitude expressed by so many people. While the expressions of thanks were received by so many, we at Alpizar Law also want to thank each person who showed up for providing inspiration, touching our lives and leaving a lasting memory in our hearts. Alpizar Law. We're Here for You!

Native Rhythms Festival

Native Rhythms Festival

The 5th Annual Native Rhythms Festival took place November 8th - 10th, in Melbourne, Florida. This three day festival takes place during Native American Heritage Month and honors the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas through music, and especially the music of the Native American Flute. Alpizar Law was proud to serve as a "Silver Sponsor" for this wonderful community event!

Boo at the Zoo

Boo at the Zoo

In 2013, Alpizar Law participated in Brevard Zoo's annual "Boo at the Zoo" event. This event draws between 12,000 and 15,000 people each year to the local zoo.

This year's theme was "Mystical Journeys," and guests were able to ride the boo choo train, dance at the mystical mansion, visit the haunted trail, participate in animal encounters and even take part in the nightly costume con-tests. "Boo at the Zoo" runs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, throughout the entire month of October. As a patron sponsor, Alpizar Law, had the opportunity to set up a booth and pass out candy to all of the children and families who attended.

Project Graduation

West Shore High School held its 9th annual golf tournament on October 20th, to support "Project Graduation". Project Graduation is the annual after-graduation celebration for the newest graduates of West Shore High School. It is an exciting night of fun, food, music, and prizes in a drug and alcohol free environment. Be-cause the goal of project graduation is to keep children and our community safe, by providing a substance-free event, Alpizar Law was happy to provide support to the Class of 2014!

Ace Sponsorship Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School Tennis Tournament

Ace Sponsorship Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School Tennis Tournament

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School held a tennis tournament at Kiwi Tennis club, to support its athletics pro-gram. The tennis tournament took place on Sept. 8, 2013. Scott from Scott's on Fifth and Cynthia Kenemuth (shown in pictures) were two of the players who participated in the event. The goal at HNJ is to develop students who are responsible and mature; so that they can balance successful academic achievements while incorporating extra-curricular activities into their schedule as well. Holy Name of Jesus athletes must maintain a high grade point aver-age as well as exhibit role model behavior, on and off the field or court. Alpizar Law was proud to support HNJ and their athletics program!

Operation Hope Annual Back to School Project

On Saturday, August 10th, we had the privilege of supporting one of our community partners, Operation Hope in Fellsmere, Florida. Each year, Operation Hope distributes over 600 backpacks, filled with school supplies, to local children. Not only do they hand out backpacks, but it is a fun-filled family event with food, bounce houses and even musical performances!! Alpizar Law donated $1,000 to support the event, plus 1,000 rulers and pencils.

Alpizar Law Supports Local Elementary School Surfide Elementary

Alpizar Law Supports Local Elementary School Surfide Elementary

On April 20, 2013, Surfside Elementary, in Satellite Beach, held its annual Backyard BBQ and also celebrated its 50th Anniversary! This year, Surfside's PTO raised over $7,200 for the school!! Alpizar Law was a huge help in raising that money, as the law firm donated a 39in flat screen TV and Blu-ray player, for the silent auction. The money raised by the PTO will go back to the school in the form of new playground equipment, i-Pads and other technology items, class-room needs and school supplies.

Brevard BAR Foundation John Alpizar Endowment Fund

By: Michael Kahn, President (Excerpt)

Brevard BAR Foundation

We look forward to continuing the Brevard Bar Foundation's very successful year thus far by increasing the John Alpizar Endowment, as well as growing membership in the Foundation, in the coming year. It has been a pleasure, once again, to serve as the Bar Foundation's President for this year. There are great plans to further increase the Brevard Bar Foundation John Alpizar Endowment Fund with the goal of financial self-sufficiency. Financial self-sufficiency would be to achieve an amount of money in the Brevard Bar Foundation John Alpizar Endowment Fund, whereby the interest of which would be used to fund, in whole or part, our monthly donations, as John Alpizar contemplated originally. We have agreed with John Alpizar to grow the principal of the fund to the point where, until that threshold is reached, the funds will not be used for any purposes but to increase its size. Thus, any and all interest in the fund is reinvested in its principal.

Over the holiday, I met with John Alpizar. He pledged to continue to raise monies for the endowment fund. He recognizes the important work that the Brevard Bar Foundation is doing and also the importance of the goal of self-sufficiency. To that end, he continued his marvelous generosity to the fund by donating an additional $10,000 to the endowment.

The goal of the Bar Foundation always must be maintained as consistent with its mission statement. The purity and simplicity of the organization and its apolitical nature must always be maintained as well. The mission statement of the Bar Foundation is to enhance the public's awareness of the role of law and lawyers in the Brevard County community. This is fulfilled by many different means, most notably, the sponsoring of programs through the Bar and through the Bar Foundation and the donation made throughout the year by the Bar Foundation to local charitable organization. Keeping to its mission statement and making the achievement of its goals as straight forward and simple as possible also is of para-mount importance to the Bar Foundation.

Palm Bay High School

Palm Bay High Football

Alpizar Law was proud to help sponsor the Palm Bay High School football program for its 2013 season. As a business operating in the city of Palm Bay, it is always important to us to give back to the schools that are right in our back-yard. Palm Bay football finished their season with a record of 9-2. Way to go Pirates!!

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