Useche v. West & Sea World Seafood Distributor, Inc. - $669,000

Our client, plaintiff Mr. Useche, was in his mid thirties and riding in a motor vehicle driven by his friend. Useche had his seat belt on. A Sea World Seafood truck struck the vehicle from behind, and after the accident, Useche immediately went to the local medical center with knee, back and neck pain. Over time, with treatment, his neck and back seemed to improve but his knee pain continued. He underwent MRIs that showed significant interior damage to both knees, which led to three surgeries, and the possibility of additional surgeries in the future.

The defendant argued that the knee problem existed before the accident. The case went to trial and featured testimony by medical experts and an economist to convey the economic impact of the injury. A surgeon and radiologist who testified on the Defendant’s behalf were found to be ‘biased’ by the jury, as they had been paid millions of dollars over several years for testimony in courtrooms. The trial ended with a jury verdict awarding our client $669,000 plus all attorney’s fees and costs. This amount was far greater than the $80,000 that the defendant originally offered prior to trial.


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