Roth v. A-1 Rent-A-Car and E. Brown - $1,321,000

Mr. Roth, twenty years old, was driving his motorcycle headed northbound on A1A in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The defendant, a Canadian tourist who was unfamiliar with Florida laws, was driving an A-1 rental car southbound on A1A and suddenly made a left turn to enter Lori Wilson Park. He crossed directly in front of Mr. Roth and a violent collision occurred. Our client suffered serious head and bodily injuries. The defendant and his insurance company refused to make a reasonable settlement offer. Through a thorough investigation using a traffic and accident reconstruction expert, we were able to prove the accident was solely caused by the rental car driver’s negligence. Following a one-week trial, Roth was awarded $1,321,000 by a Brevard County judge.


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