Rhonda Strickland v. Allstate - Settlement

Mr. John Alpizar represented Rhonda Strickland for personal injuries that she suffered as a result of two motor vehicle accidents. The first accident occurred on February 1, 1998. Mrs. Strickland was traveling south bound on A1A in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Suddenly, the defendant’s vehicle, which was operated by Bonnie Christian, changed lanes and struck the left rear side of the Strickland automobile, causing it to go off the roadway. As a result of this accident, Mrs. Strickland suffered from a concussion resulting in post-traumatic headaches, bulging disks and right carpal tunnel syndrome. The vehicle operated by the defendant was insured for $10,000.00 in bodily injury liability limits. The carrier paid the policy limits of $10,000.00

Due to the severity of her injuries, she was unable to return to work for a number of weeks. A vocational rehabilitation expert was retained to assist in providing a life care plan setting forth the anticipated cost of future medical care and loss of earning capacity that Mrs. Strickland would face in the future.

The second accident occurred on June 21, 1998 when a vehicle operated by Lilith Kirschner pulled out from a driveway and struck Mrs. Strickland’s vehicle. As a result of the second accident, Mrs. Strickland suffered significant injuries and came under the care of a neurologist. She also experienced an aggravation of her previous injuries, a tear of the medial meniscus of her left knee, and depression. The defendant in this accident had $25,000.00 in bodily injury liability coverage that her insurance company paid.

Due to the serious nature of the injuries suffered by Mrs. Strickland in both motor vehicle accidents, a claim was presented to her insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits. Ultimately, the case was settled with the underinsured motorist carrier for a significant amount that was approximately two times the available policy limits.


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