Moran Family v. Certilawn Sod Service Co.& Zurich Insurance Co. - $8,990,000

As Mr. Moran drove to work early one morning, a tractor-trailer carrying sod pulled out onto the road in front of him. He collided with the truck and the entire cab of his pickup truck was crushed. He was extracted and flown by helicopter to a medical center where the ER staff worked to save his life. Sadly, he had suffered significant brain injury, and Mr. Moran went into a permanent coma.

His family relied on our investigation to identify the parties at fault and prove their accountability. Our firm revealed that many of the truck’s side lights were missing, and those remaining were covered in dirt. Wires for additional lighting on the trailer were cut or disconnected. In short, the truck was practically invisible in the predawn light.

Zurich Insurance did not accept our settlement demand in a timely period so we filed suit. After months of negotiations, Zurich paid $8,990,000 to settle the claim. This was $7,900,000 over the one-million-dollar policy limit – the largest settlement of its kind in Brevard County.


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