Kidd v. Florida Rock & Tank Lines & Alamo Rental Car Inc. - $900,000

A tourist driving an Alamo Rental Car near Orlando negligently came to a complete stop in an ‘E-Pass’ lane of the airport toll booth. Our client, Mr. Kidd, was driving a tractor trailer and was forced to abruptly stop behind the tourist. A second tractor trailer behind Kidd slammed into his truck. This violent rear-end collision resulted in $18,000 in property damage, and permanent injuries to Kidd. He suffered from post-traumatic headaches, seizures, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and depression. He had cervical fusion in two places and a herniated disc. He was no longer able to work as a truck driver.

Our attorneys attempted to settle the case with the other trucking line and Alamo, and it was a fight every step of the way. After long, extensive litigation, the defendants offered settlement just prior to the start of a trial. Settlements were $750,000 and $150,000 respectively.


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