Jane Doe v. Out of State Defendant - $1,300,000.00

In 2016, Jane Doe was an out-of-state motorcyclist riding on the back of a borrowed motorcycle driven by her husband. While traveling southbound, the brakes were applied, causing the motorcycle to drift and spin out of control. The bike hit a traffic barrier and Ms. Doe was thrown from the motorcycle coming to rest in a travel lane. Ms. Doe suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures, respiratory failure, and injury to her spleen and she was in a coma for a period of three (3) weeks. After being released from the hospital and almost two (2) years of continued medical treatment, the Defendants’ insurance company wanted to conduct a mediation. Our firm declined the mediation, and paralegal, Mari Helock, was able to settle Ms. Doe’s claim for the policy limits in the sum of $1,300,000.00.


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