Franck v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company - $611,000

Our client, a Palm Bay resident, was awarded more than $600,000 in damages for injuries he has been suffering from since an auto accident with an uninsured motorist in 2006.

As a local private boat captain and avid fisherman, Mr. Franck found it very difficult to function as he once did before the accident. Before the accident, he fished tournaments all over the world and is now plagued by constant pain in his neck and back, which has drastically affected his livelihood. Music has also been an intimate part of John’s life for the past 30 years. He is the drummer in a popular local band, Pinch, and his injuries make it extremely difficult and painful for him to play music.

In the accident he sustained a number of injuries, including multiple herniations to his neck, mid-back and low back. A herniation is when the “cushion” between vertebrae is pushed out of place. This causes pressure and pinching on any number of nerves. The result is pain similar to that of an electric shock and feelings of numbness and weak muscles, among other symptoms.

The personal injury attorneys from Alpizar Law filed suit against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company in Brevard County, Florida. After a five day jury trial, Mr. Franck was awarded $611,710 in damages.


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